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Map of Project Areas and Funding in the Wye Catchment

The Map of Project Areas and Funding in the Wye Catchment has been developed collaboratively to provide a comprehensive overview of ongoing nature recovery, pollution reduction, flood mitigation and climate resilience efforts in the catchment. The map collates projects that aim to improve the designated features in the Wye Special Area of Conservation (SAC) and the Lugg SSSI to achieve a favourable conservation status.

Explore the local projects above, or access the full map including large scale projects and research and data projects here.

This map will be updated periodically to reflect the status of projects in the catchment. It requires no logins or paywalls for interaction and has been designed to promote open sharing of information and cross-project collaboration.

The map shows the geographic reach of each project as well as qualitative project information including (but not limited to): project lead, funding total, start and end date, project contact information and further links where possible. It captures both capital invested projects that represent action on the ground, alongside advisory projects and data and research projects, with their geographic remit.

Please note: Submitted data will undergo a light vetting process before inclusion on the map. Once validated, the embedded map on the WCP website will showcase the project information. For general feedback and queries, please contact or