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This is an exciting time for The Wye Catchment Partnership as we seek to appoint an experienced, committed and passionate chairperson to drive forward improvements across key issues on water quality, wildlife and sustainable land use in the River Wye Catchment. We will achieve this by collaborative working framed by a new Catchment Based Approach Plan.

The time commitment is for 1 to 2 days per month

We are also recruiting for a Vice –Chair position 

Deadline for applications for both roles –  noon 17th June 2024 

Role Description 

1.0 Introduction 

The Wye Catchment Partnership (WCP) recognises the importance and value of an independent Chairperson for its quarterly meetings and to attend the WCP Steering Group meetings.  

We’re seeking a person who’ll be motivated to maximise the potential of the whole WCP community, to strengthen its voice and activities for the benefit of the river Wye, and the whole catchment. 

We believe this role will be ideal for someone who has worked in large or complex professional environments or academia but now wants to provide volunteer work that will benefit the environment and the community. 

WCP meets quarterly at venues generally on the Wales England border. The Chair is also invited to attend Steering group meetings held quarterly via Teams between WCP meetings. 

This role is unremunerated except for travel expenses. 

2.0 Background 

The Wye Catchment Partnership is not an executive body or legal entity. It is established to convene collaborative working to deliver a Catchment Based Approach (CaBA) that drives improvements across key issues on water quality, wildlife, and sustainable land use along the length of the River Wye and the breadth of its catchment.  

Dealing with these issues in an environment of rapid political, social, technological, ecological and climate change brings added levels of complexity. 

The Partnership is currently supported by 70 organisations as well as individuals and has a mailing list of around 170 contacts.  

For more background see our website – and how to join/Information    sheet and list of partners in the Documentation tab. 

3.0 Governance – Process for recruitment 

The WCP Chair recruitment and selection process is outlined below. Initially for a period of 12 months and thereafter on an annual agreement of the WCP. The target start date is July 2024. 

The Terms of Reference 2024 (Page 5 Item 4.5) outline the role of ‘Chairing of meetings’ 

4.0 Role Requirements 

4.1 Chair quarterly Partnership meetings – These are usually held mid-week at a venue close to the Welsh Borders and the River Wye, for example at Hay on Wye, attended by up to 50 people and typically run from 9.30-2.30pm 

In-person travel expenses are provided at 45p per mile. 

4.2 Preparation of the Partnership meeting agenda and planning for the day, ahead of meetings with the Vice Chair and the administrator from the Wye Catchment Partnership as required  

4.3 Attend Partnership meetings requiring 1 day of your time 4 x per year. 

4.4 Attend the 4 x WCP Steering Group meetings (for continuity with Chair role) – these are held online 3-4 weeks after the Partnership meetings and take 1.5 hours. 

In total this role may involve a time commitment of 1-2 days per month, focused on the Partnership meetings.  

5.0 Areas of responsibility

  • Working in partnership and collaboration with members of the WCP 
  • Fostering an environment for the WCP to co-operate in a spirit of reciprocal partnership, trust and respect to support the fulfilment of WCP mission and purpose and the delivery of the agreed Catchment Plan.  
  • Overseeing the consideration of matters of key interest to the WCP network and providing advice and perspective to the WCP. 
  • Ensuring, with the Steering Group, sound financial oversight including review of the annual budget. 
  • Safeguarding the reputation and values of WCP in your communications. 

Occasionally representing WCP at meetings and functions and acting as a champion and spokesperson.

6.0 The Candidate 

To enjoy, and be successful in this role, the skills and experience you need are: 

  • The ability to chair large meetings efficiently and effectively. You will have been used to working at this level but now see an opportunity to Chair a group that cares passionately about the environment within the Wye Catchment. 
  • Excellent communication skills, including tact and diplomacy. 
  • An impartial and objective approach. 
  • Facilitation skills are likely to be required at times including the ability to guide discussions without dominating and to blend differing views to achieve consensus. 
  • Emotional intelligence to read people and manage constructive challenge 
  • An ability to network and build relationships at all levels across the WCP network. 
  • A commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion and its importance both within WCP and in the countryside. 
  • An understanding and passion for the Wye Catchment and appreciation of what it means to those who live in it and those who depend on it. 
  • Background knowledge of English and Welsh government and policies would be an advantage

    7.0 WCP – our commitment to equality, diversity, and inclusion 

At WCP we believe it is our responsibility to strive for a society where all of us can be ourselves and feel able to reach our full potential, whatever our identity and background. 

 We’ll ensure that our partnership and all we do is open to everyone and that we actively address any barriers to participation by any group. 

Our case for the Wye Catchment depends upon having the broadest and most diverse and inclusive public support possible, because the catchment will benefit from the engagement and attention of people from all backgrounds. 

We value everyone who volunteers their support for the WCP. This means listening to and understanding people’s views, creating an environment where everyone is treated with respect and able to contribute fully. It also means making sure everyone feels included and valued for their talent, knowledge, and experience. 

8.0 How to apply 

The position is open to all. If you’d like an informal pre-application chat, then please call or email the WCP administrator Kath Pyke –  Tel – 01874 711714 (WUF office). 

Please complete the application form here and send to 

Deadline for applications is noon 17th June 2024 

Our Recruitment Committee will carry out a shortlisting process and identify the candidates who most clearly match the requirements of the role. These candidates will be invited for an initial interview online. The interview dates are Tuesday 25th and Thursday 27th June 2024 

If you require any special arrangements or assistance in making your application, or at interview, then please contact Kath Pyke   

Role description – Vice Chair 

The purpose of the role is to help the Chair in their understanding of the Wye Catchment Partnership (WCP). This post provides a practical connection to the WCP Chair by serving as a communication channel and sounding board for Partnership matters.  

The time commitment is for 0.5 – to 1 day per month 

Deadline for applications is 17th June 2024  

Role in place by July 24 

We welcome candidates from within the WCP who do not have an existing formal role within the Partnership.   

The Vice Chair can:  

  • Work with the Chair and the Administrator of the WCP to prepare the agenda and documents for the quarterly Partnership meetings.  
  • Help identify significant issues of concern to WCP members through meetings and conversations with partners. 
  • Act as a pathway for any thoughts and discussions that WCP may wish to bring forward outside of the quarterly meetings.  
  • Provide a formal hierachy for cover in the event the Chair cannot attend a meeting 

Note: This is not a progression role as the Chair will always be recruited through a separate recruitment process 

If you would like to be considered for this role, please email the WCP administrator Kath Pyke –  by June 17th, 2024 

In your email, please include a paragraph or list of bullet points of up to 100 words about yourself and include your current role.  If more than one candidate steps forward a ballot will be taken at the Partnership meeting (10/7/24) with one vote per WCP organisation.